Residential Gardens, Driveways & Pathways


An artificial grass installation is an ideal alternative to natural grass. This maintenance free option creates a life-like, fresh garden appearance that lasts through every season.

Whether you are a green-fingered enthusiast or simply looking for new, inventive ways to extend your living space, Great Outfloors will create the perfect garden to suit both your home and lifestyle.

Artificial gardens are a cost effective and time saving alternative to natural grass, and it is the perfect surface for both parents and pet owners. Mess can be simply washed away!

With hosepipe bans occurring year in and year out, our finances are not the only things taking a hit. Many of us are left with brown, dried-out lawns by the time the Summer is through, leaving the health of our lawns in jeopardy.

Creating unique driveways, pathways and residential gardens, Great Outfloors constructs to your personal choices, enhancing both your home and garden in a way that suits you. Not only that, but our dedicated team can recommend the best selection for your requirements, taking the decision-making stress away from you!

With an artificial grass installation, there is no need for any more feeds, mowers, fertilisers or grass seeding. Simply sit back, relax, and enjoy a luscious, green lawn all year round.