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Made through combining a kiln dried aggregate with a resin material, the product of this process creates a perfectly water resistant, solid surface capable of being laid over new or existing gravel. This quick and effective surface combines the technology of the best of other surfaces available anywhere throughout the UK! The resin bound gravel combines the drainage and appearance of loose gravel; the durability and convenience of block paving and the long-term performance of block pavers, creating the most beautiful paths or drives – a finish that is unrivalled in appearance and durability!

Resin bound paving combines small stones with high-tech resin to form a firm, attractive surface. The system creates small gaps which allow water to drain through into the ground, achieving a clean, smooth and hardwearing finish every time!

This system can be overlaid onto new or existing concrete or tarmac to create beautiful drives, paths, carparks or any lightly trafficked area – giving a finish that is unrivalled in its appearance and low maintenance requirements.

Resin Bound Gravel is perfect for overlaying existing tired surfaces including tarmac, block paving or concrete – making it the ideal surface for new build projects such as:

• Pathways
• Driveways
• Footpaths
• Hot Tubs
• Swimming Pool Surrounds
• Tree Pit Surrounds
• Commercial Fronting
• Restaurant and Public House Frontages

The stunning colour shades available provide an attractive alternative to paving or tarmac finishes and developments in colour technology means that colours can be selected to blend in fully with the surrounding area.

The surface involves mixing a kiln dried aggregate with a resin material to form a water resistant solid surface, which can be overlaid onto existing or new gravel or concrete, creating the ideal drive or footpath for you!
Various gravels and chippings can be used with sizes varying from 3mm to 10mm. The surface is generally laid up to 50mm thick, but this all depends on the amount of traffic expected and the type of use, for example, drives are laid at around 18mm to 20mm thick while pathways are laid at around 12mm thick.

• Environmentally friendly
• Reduced flood risk
• Firm surface
• Attractive finish
• Easy maintenance
• Choice of colours
• UV Stable
• Resistant to cracking

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