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Schools and Play

Outdoor play is not only fun, but is also an essential part of a child’s physical, cognitive and social development. Our team at Great Outfloors have experience in creating engaging, stimulating outdoor floor spaces to provide a safe, exciting play environment for your little ones.

Safety and security is the number one priority when it comes to play environments, and our team at Great Outfloors pride ourselves on our ability to transform any playground into a fun, safe learning environment for children of all ages.

Great Outfloors supply and install a wide range of synthetic grass, perfect for environments where natural grass is easily worn or destroyed. An eco-friendly alternative to bark chips, our synthetic grass is made of non-abrasive, soft material, making it the best surface for nurseries and schools. All of our grass meets CFH regulations, reducing the number of bruised knees and scraped elbows.

One of the most frequent issues addressed by schools is the dullness of their playground areas. At Great Outfloors, we understand that every school is different, which is why our range of colour flooring, and our ability to design unique play surfaces, allows us to breathe new life into dull, uninspired play areas.

Please see our gallery to find schools and nurseries who have already installed a Great Outfloor.

Outdoor Gyms

Our outdoor gym equipment installations can be installed as part of an existing playground or sports area, or installed as its own standalone facility in any park or outdoor space. The range of outdoor gym equipment makes it the perfect environment for schools, parks or playgrounds and succeeds in encouraging fitness and a healthy lifestyle within the local area.

Create an outdoor gym space with a range of professionally designed exercise equipment and help improve strength, flexibility and balance, all while having fun!


Multi-use Games Area (MUGA) sports cages are the up and coming sports essential for schools and play areas across the UK.

With the surge in popularity of cage football and other caged events, schools and councils are looking for reliable, bespoke equipment to provide safe, interactive play for children and teenagers.

Highly durable, vandal resistant and virtually maintenance free, MUGA’s are quickly becoming the preferred choice for schools and councils as their flexibility allows for ample design opportunities and creations.

MUGA’s are hugely flexible in their design opportunities and our team at Great Outfloors can customise to suit existing playground spaces or build to fit a new area to offer additional sports facilities.

Staging and Seating

An outdoor staging area provides the opportunity for children to be creative, boost their confidence and develop a plethora of new skills.

Perfect for outdoor lessons, or as a way to encourage imaginative play on the playground, a staging installation can bring communication, confidence, and social interaction to any school or play area.

A great alternative to regular playground activities, the stage can be designed with a seating area to create an amphitheatre or outdoor classroom. Having a playground space for children to perform and enjoy themselves is the perfect way to instil confidence whilst allowing them to interact with their imaginations.

Rubber Mulch

Rubber mulch is a safe, eco-friendly surface and a popular choice with schools, playgrounds, and children’s play areas.

Ideal for parks, schools, activity trails, playgrounds and leisure areas, the natural appearance of rubber mulch is a cost effective, eco-friendly alternative to bark chips, while maintaining the natural appearance all year round.

Much like wet pour surfacing, the bonded rubber mulch can be installed in a variety of depths to absorb impact from trips and falls, whilst the flexibility of the mulch means that it can be installed and fitted around almost any surface or obstacle.

Rubber mulch is available in a variety of basic colours, which can be blended to create any combination of colour alternatives, creating a natural, authentic look, without the maintenance of real bark flooring!

Climbing Wall

Climbing walls are a playground favourite, and excellent equipment to develop a child’s hand-eye coordination and upper body strength.

It’s no secret that children love to climb and climbing walls are the perfect way to allow them to explore new heights, without the risk of injury. At Great Outfloors, we specialise in making your playgrounds a safe, inspiring place for little ones to get creative whilst having fun.

Climbing walls are the perfect addition to any school play area, playground or built in as part of an adventure trail.

Climbing walls are designed to challenge young minds, and whilst working at a safe height, they will demand coordination, stamina and skill in order to complete the apparatus.

Synthetic Grass

Our synthetic grass is the softest in the UK, meaning little legs no longer suffer scraped knees during play.

Our team has vast experience in supplying and installing artificial grass, grass matting and wet pour installations for schools up and down the country. Great Outfloors combines highly experienced, like-minded individuals with our own brand of unique products to build our reputation on terrific customer service and unbeatable value for money.

We have researched, designed and manufactured all our products and follow strict installation guides to ensure all Great Outfloor surfaces not only look great, but last for years to come.

All our synthetic grass is supplied and installed over our own certified safety flooring to meet CFH regulations. Our range of synthetic grass is made from the finest virgin materials to ensure softness, durability and an authentic looking finish, every time. Please view our case studies to see schools and nurseries who already have a Great Outfloor.

Play Equipment

At Great Outfloors, we recognise the importance of the playground in the social, physical and cognitive development in young people. We are dedicated to providing exceptional playground equipment and services to the educational sector that can work with children’s needs and requirements.

Using our expertise, we can design and source play equipment to suit anything from the smallest spaces to the largest school and nursery playgrounds. We offer stimulating play equipment to facilitate the range of physical and psychological developments of children, whilst encouraging their learning through engaging outdoor play.