Honestly most of it is just common sense. You have to remember that most of the skills come from the existing classes silicone sex doll, so whatever combinations worked before work just as well now silicone sex doll, you can just add in more skills to make them more flexible.There are plenty of no brainers, of course. Stuff like a free ammo/grenade slot and shred on all attacks? Sign me the fuck up.

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There are 10 levels of intensity/functions in this toy. It is easy and intuitive to use. There is a power button and a function button to cycle through the different vibration patterns. I thought I was open minded but I was shocked when I was processing marriage packet of two female soldiers. (I worked in S1, HR department of the Army.) Many great friends I had in the Army were gay or bi so I know enough to understand what it means to be sexual minority. But most Koreans never have that chance.I didn like Effect for a while as all those dramas he made were looking childish, but I understand everything and feel sympathy for him.Evenstar61321 Bandwagon Fan Vancouver Titans RunAway 83 points submitted 3 days agoI disagree.

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