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Tough, safe and durable, an artificial grass installation is an ideal alternative to natural grass. This impact absorbing surface creates a lifelike grass look all year round and due to its unique versatility, our range of synthetic grass can be placed anywhere you need it to go.

Not only that – the synthetic grass installation provides the perfect play area for both children and pets, its washable surface means muddy areas can simply be washed away – no more mess! No more feeds, mowers, fertilisers or grass seeding, simply relax and enjoy all year round!

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Mud-infested, yellow-tinged dry, patchy surfaces define the typical British garden. Unfortunately for us, British lawns are forced to contend with extreme weather conditions all year round. Maintaining our gardens in their pristine condition demands time, effort and care – a luxury that many of us cannot afford. Lawn care can be challenging and time-consuming and sustaining healthy luxurious grass can be a challenge for even the best British gardeners.

However, having the perfect lawn doesn’t have to be a chore – this maintenance free option creates a life like lawn that sustains its perfect summer condition 365 days a year!

With hosepipe bans occurring almost every year, having a huge impact on the health of our lawns – as well as our finances(!) – artificial grass is one of the most popular alternatives to real grass, maintaining that brand-new appearance all year round.

Developments in the manufacturing of synthetic grass means that the industry can now offer exceptionally natural-looking alternatives to real lawns and gardens. Artificial grass removes the maintenance woes of garden lovers, whilst still delivering the perfect looking lawn.

As well as the practical advantages to synthetic grass, artificial grass alternatives are an excellent way to brighten up and improve the aesthetics of small, shady areas where natural grass struggles to thrive such as balconies, terraces and even pool areas. Its practicality means it is perfect for drainage as well as preventing muddy, patchy areas.

Artificial grass is a popular choice for sports complexes and schools, and a blessing to both parents and pet owners. Allow your children and pets to play in the garden safely, with a clear conscious that no mud will be left trailing throughout your home or causing damage to your lawn. Our range of artificial grass can transform any outdoor or indoor area and offers the ideal solution for children’s play areas, balconies, gardens, roof terraces, and courtyards.

  • Child and pet-friendly
  • Natural grass look
  • Ideal for roofs and balconies
  • Low maintenance, never requires watering or mowing
  • Can be easily swept or hosed down – no more mess!
  • Tough, durable and safe
  • Perfect alternative to real grass – looks great all year round
  • Valuable savings for your pocket, your time, and your planet

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