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Non-slip. Injury-free. Hard wearing. Our wet pour installations are the ideal surface for a safe and long lasting play or work environment. Its porous, rubber surface is not only seamless and non-slip, but also requires practically no maintenance at all! Designed with safety in mind, the wet pour installation will provide you with a cost effective, injury-free environment every time.

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Safe and seamless, wet pour technology creates a smooth, non-slip surface that is perfect for play areas, sports areas and industrial buildings.

Although mainly used in playgrounds, wet pour is and can be used in any area that requires a safe, absorbent surface. Great Outfloors have installed wet pour in theme parks, sports areas, play areas and even domestic environments such as driveways and pathways but whether it is used to prevent strain on horses, or to be used as a running track, wet pour really is the ideal solution for an imaginative yet durable surface.

As suggested by its name, the material is poured onto surfaces in liquid form and is then set to form the durable surface. Wet pour combines rubber granules with a polyurethane resin, bound together to be laid onto both purpose build bases, or existing foundations.

Wet pour’s popularity is down to its ability to not only provide a safe surface, but also provide an aesthetically pleasing surface – with any shape or pattern being able to be laid into it, it is ideal for creating fun games for playgrounds or football pitch lines.

Wet pour rubber safety surfacing is perfect for inspiring little ones with bright colour and detail whilst simultaneously protecting them from falls. Pre-made graphics can be used making the job unique whilst keeping the cost down.

Different depths can achieve required critical fall heights, whilst different colours can be mixed together to achieve your desired finish. Not only a safe surface for playgrounds and nurseries, but the ideal surface to brighten up any dull, dreary outdoor space.

Cost effective and virtually maintenance free, the wet pour installation is long lasting and designed to minimise the risk of injuries to your little ones!

Wet pour can be installed straight onto good quality tarmac or concrete, with minimum groundwork required. Not only that but the wet pour installation is also available to be installed onto some grassed areas.

  • Wet pour is a porous surface making it suitable for all year-round use
  • This play area flooring requires minimal maintenance
  • Long lasting and durable – the ideal surface for both parents & pet owners
  • Almost any design or graphic can be incorporated within this playground flooring
  • All our safer surfacing is certified to BS EN 1177 standard.

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